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How it works

A new way to learn a language

Something for everyone!

Want to learn at the perfect time for you? Perhaps you need to offer training to your employees? For any kind of language course, Visiagora offers the ideal learning solution!

A new way to learn

Flexible for those on the go - like you

Our classes take place live, with real teachers, in virtual classrooms allowing you to follow your lesson no matter where you are!

You can choose the day and time of your class, but also have the freedom to cancel or reschedule it up until 24 hours before the start of the lesson.

Visiagora works in any situation. The flexibility of the internet allows Visiagora to fit within your personal or professional constraints!

Powerful and simple

You shouldn't have to worry about technical problems as you focus on your learning. With Visiagora you have nothing to download or install because our solution works completely via the web browser!

A computer, a webcam and an internet connection are all you need!

From registration to booking, or downloading educational material, our platform is easy to use.

Qualified teachers

Our classes are taught by the best teachers.

Native-speaking, highly-qualified and trained in language teaching, they are supervised by our team of experts and apply the Visiagora teaching method specific to online classes.

In our capable hands, we'll ensure that you progress quickly!

Easy to manage

No needless paperwork! Your registration and payment are made directly online.

We offer affordable classes with a clear pricing structure. No nasty surprises. Payment is by logo Visa   logo Mastercard   logo Paypal   logo Stripe.

A unique approach

Visiagora's educational approach is unique, adapted and designed to help you go further.

With 35 years of experience teaching languages to learners with a diverse range of profiles (individuals, companies, international institutions in Brussels and Luxembourg), we have developed an effective learning method.

Our 30-minute classes are structured in 8 interconnected phases, allowing you to rapidly develop your language skills.

Image Framework

A framework you can trust

Visiagora is based on the CEFR to determine and develop your skills.

This framework assesses your productive (speaking and writing) and receptive (listening and reading) skills according to the 6 levels: A1 to C2.

Image Express Yourself!

Express yourself!

We believe that using the language is the best way to learn it. That's why at Visiagora we focus on communication by offering you every opportunity to talk, listen and interact with your teacher!

We believe that learning should be about you, so we want you invested through interaction, and fully enjoying every moment of your 30-minute class sessions.

Image rewind

Flip the classroom

Take the best classes from the comfort of your home – this is our vision for learning.

Our classes are structured in 8 individual steps which allow you to practice. With our innovative learning material, you also have the opportunity to work on theory outside of the classroom.