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Reactivate Jobs

Practice your English, French, Dutch and German online with Reactivate & Visiagora

Through Visiagora platform, Reactivate is helping over 35 years old jobseekers to improve their English and German in order to prepare them for their new career abroad

The partners

Visiagora offers Live Online Classes in virtual classrooms with expert teachers. Thanks to a 35-year experience and expertise, Visiagora helps students and professionals improve their linguistic skills and fluency thanks to a specific pedagogical approach that enables quick and effective progress.

Reactivate is the European recruitment service, coordinated by the Metropolitan City of Rome, supporting free movement of workers over 35 years old. It helps them to find work, apprenticeships or traineeships in another EU Member State and it assists employers to recruit qualified workers throughout the EU.

The initiative is co-funded by the European Union within the EaSI Programme.

How the course works

Image Framework

Placement test

Visiagora is based on the CEFR to determine and develop your skills.

A written and oral online placement test will assess your initial level according to the CER_FR

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Live online classes

A number of private 30-minute sessions with expert teachers will allow you to quickly progress.

In addition, conversational sessions of 1 hour will enable you to practice the language with peers and improve your skills.

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After every session, our expert teachers complete a feedback form so that you know where your stand in your language training.

All along your training, you will undergo evaluations so that your progress is monitored and so that your teacher adapt your training to your specific needs.

If you have any questions about the language training programme, please contact us