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A robust framework

We follow and use the world-renowned CEFR to determine and measure your level.

The CEFR demonstrates your language skills in terms of speaking, reading, listening and writing at six reference levels ranging from A1 to C2.


Let’s talk

Conversations are the core of the Visiagora experience : speaking is the most effective way to learn a language.

We put you first so that you get se-peaking in each of your 30-minute sessions.



We have hand-selected only the best teachers for you to learn from : all are native speakers, experienced and highly-qualified.

With continual training, real qualifications and years of experience, they will bring you to the next level.


Flipping the script

We take a “flipped classroom” approach so you know what you’re doing from the first step.

Our class materials are innovative, offering unrivaled quality.

With a duration of 30 minutes, each course is carefully structured in 8 interconnected learning phases allowing you to quickly progress and develop your linguistic skills.

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